Has the Media Confused You About Medicare? Get Educated Here!

Robert Remin - Has the Media Confused You About Medicare? Get Educated Here!Recently one of my clients sent me an article that they saw on MSN. It’s a great article with lots of very pertinent information about people who are going on Medicare.

Unfortunately, though, the MSN article failed to bring up some very important points. Since it was a nationally-based article, it didn’t highlight specific states such as New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, as being guaranteed-issued states.  Continue reading

Think You Don’t Need Long-Term Care? Don’t be Shortsighted!

Robert Remin - Think You Don’t Need Long-Term Care? Don’t be Shortsighted!Long-term care is a critical part of anyone’s overall financial plan. As we age, the odds for long-term care increase significantly. Unless you have an excess of wealth, it makes sense to have a long-term care insurance policy.

Skeptics frequently say, “Well, if I take that money I was going to put into long-term care insurance, and invest it properly and earn X%, in 20 or 30 years, I might have the same amount of money that I would have in a long-term care policy.” That may be true, but they’re taking risks by forfeiting the structure, support, and stability of an insurance product.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance: A Financial Lifesaver

Long-Term Disability Insurance: A Financial Lifesaver by Robert ReminThere are two different types of disability insurance: short-term and long-term. I have previously discussed short-term disability insurance, and in this article I’ll be discussing long-term disability coverage.

Many people receive long-term disability insurance from their employer, and the company may pay for part or all of it. Whether you have the option of receiving long-term disability from your employer or not, there are important factors to consider.

What is Long-Term Disability & Why Do You Need it?

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What is Short-Term Disability and Why Do You Need it?

What is Short-Term Disability and Why Do You Need it? by Robert ReminIf you get sick or injured, depending upon where you work, you may have access to short-term disability insurance benefits—either through your major medical insurance with your employer or through a supplemental benefits plan also through your employer.

The purpose of short-term disability is to replace your income until your long-term disability (if you have it) kicks in. Statistics show that most people are disabled for no longer than 3-6 months, and payments can begin from the onset of an accident and fairly soon after an illness. Even if you only miss a week or two of work, you may qualify for benefits for that time period—in addition to possibly being out longer.

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Solving the Medicare Puzzle (Part 1)

Solving the Medicare Puzzle (Part 1)Finding the Medicare Coverage That Suits You Can Be a Daunting Process.

If you are turning 65, or are already a member of the Medicare Eligible market, you’ve more than likely spent a number of hours reviewing the Medicare system. During this research, I am fairly certain that you have wanted to: tear your hair out; throw your laptop; desktop or tablet against the wall in frustration; scream the harsh words racing through your mind at the people who wrote the Medicare rules and regulations.

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